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Once upon a time...about 8 years ago...I began my jewelry making adventure by crafting a few bracelets with the help of a friend. I loved the idea of taking something old and unused, and with a good cleaning and some work and imagination, transforming it into something to be treasured. Little did I know how this hobby would grow or how well it would be received by my friends and customers, or how it would start as a couple bracelets and would expand into a line of jewelry ranging from bracelets, rings and necklaces to wine bottle ornaments and even pet tags! I'm currently selling my creations at local craft shows, by word of mouth, and to people who contact me through my Facebook page onceuponaspoon.

Most of my jewelry is made from silverplate to keep the cost down, but I do work with sterling on occasion. It is all unique and handmade in my home. The process includes cutting, grinding, drilling, bending, cleaning and polishing followed by the addition of beads, charms and clasps. Vintage silverware is characterized by the scars of time and use which I believe adds to the charm of the finished piece. Silverplate does tarnish but more slowly if you wear it frequently. When a cleaning is needed it is best to polish with a silver polish cloth.

The beauty and variety of silverplate patterns amazes me and I'm always excited to discover a new pattern. I would be honored to create family keepsakes for you from your own silverware, but if you do not want to break up your set I can often find pieces that match your pattern in order to make the special jewelry you would like.

Please look through my slideshow for a sampling of some of my work. I would be thrilled if you contact me to purchase something I've made or to have me fill a special order for you for any occasion.  

Thanks for visiting!